I-Dispo built an international ecosystem of partners and service providers, centralized within an innovative technological platform. I-DISPO teams are able to handle any kind of requests and need, whether you are traveling, staying abroad or just at home. Just ask, and it is done.

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I-Dispo is a French company which was established in July 2010. Its mission is to use technology to serve the greatest number in order to facilitate their daily lives.

I-Dispo services are available in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, USA, Great Britain, Ireland and West Africa. Individuals or large enterprise customersthousands of people use our services every month : Renault, SFR, MTN Africa or LeasePlan are among those who trust us.

I-DISPO has developed two services :

This is M. and Mrs Smith assistant. You write your requests in natural language by email or through our iPhone / iPad application. Your request is then-approved and qualified by our technical platform and our human agents. With Sara, at any time you have in your pocket a real assistant that you can delegate all or your daily grunt work: get an emergency appointment with a doctor, organize your custom travel (flights, accommodation , rentals, activities ...), remind you of tasks or memorable dates, contact providers to get quotes, find the best place to buy a product online or in-store, or simply book a table in a restaurant, this is what Sara can do for you and even more.

Want to know more about Sara? Then visit our website by clicking the following link: saraassist.com

SARA & Wilson is our white label offer for companies, accessible through the channels of your choice from voice mode phone, email "chat", mobile application or tablet mode. If you want to offer your customers a differentiated service with major added value, then SARA & Wilson is for you. SARA & Wilson are two services to meet all the demands and needs of your customers, from the simplest to the most unusual.

Sara takes care of everyday life: A personal assistant to which your customers can confidently delegate all their "time-consuming" and tedious tasks.

Wilson provides the exceptional: It is our VIP concierge who provides the best upscale services where your customers are and whatever their demands.

Want to know more about SARA & Wilson? Then visit our website by clicking the following link: saraandwilson.com